Maria Casagrande-Santiago is one of the main characters in The Casagrandes.


Maria is the mother of the Santiago siblings and the sister of Carlos Casagrande.


Maria is a caring mother to her children. She enjoys spending time with them. She also enjoys playing video games with her sister-in-law.


She is a tall, slim woman, with dark tan skin, black hair tied up in a tight bun, and two pairs of eyelashes.

She is normally seen wearing a nurse uniform which consists of a white scrub, a white cap with a red cross, and black short heeled shoes. Later on, she wears a blue nurse uniform.


The Loud House

Season 2

Season 3


  • Maria constantly wears her nurse uniform, even when she isn't at work.
    • Though she has occasionally been seen without her hat.
    • Also, in The Loud House episode "The Loudest Thanksgiving", she wears a pink sweater and purple pants.


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