• Margretteloud


    March 7, 2019 by Margretteloud

    So you're trying to tell me

    There's a wiki

    For characters IN the loud house????

    The spin off is a maybe, yalls

    I'm very confusion

    Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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  • Francy07

    Diem Jaun

    February 14, 2019 by Francy07

    She is ronnie anne's Best Friend.

    She is loosely based on diem doan. She looks like diem doan. She has the same black hairstyle as diem doan. She wears a red shirt,dark green bow,blue jeans most of time and navy shoes. At school, she wears a school uniform. In her nightwear, she wears a dark red shirt(with a red rose) and short pants. In her swimwear, she wears a red bikini top swimsuit.

    COMING SOON.....

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  • Francy07

    7.Stick! Froop! Macho!: Ronnie Anne Would be in the wrestling team. 8.Carl's Love: A 6 Years old girl named Max had a secret crush on carl. Carl doesn't like max. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.


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  • Francy07

    The Casagrande Theme Song

    February 11, 2019 by Francy07

    🎵I am Ronnie Anne Santiago🎵

    🎵This is It My Big new Town'o🎵

    🎵I am a tomboy and not just a gruff bully🎵

    🎵And This it my large family🎵

    🎵I don't have a crush (on Lincoln Loud)🎵

    🎵New Friends and a robot friend  (Riggirry Roud)🎵

    🎵and This my new school (Que Hermosa Escuela,Que Hermosa Escuela!)🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes (My House is Called The Casagrandes)🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes (My House is Called The Casagrandes)🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes,Grandes, Grandes🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes  (My House is Called The Casagrandes)🎵

    🎵My House is Called The Casagrandes🎵

    The Theme Song's Music and Singing resembles make me feel.

    This theme song is sung by ronnie anne.

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  • Francy07

    • Ronnie Anne Santiago: she's the main protagonist of the series. she loves making adventures in the city.
    • Bobby Santiago: he's the deuteragonist of the series. he's ronnie anne's older brother. he likes lori.
    • Maria Santiago: she's Bobby and Ronnie Anne's Mother. she is also a nurse. she is 41 years old.
    • Rosa Casagrande: she's Bobby,Ronnie Anne and their cousins(carlota,c.j,carl and carlitos)' grandmother. she loves cooking.
    • Hector Casagrande: he's dimwitted husband. he likes to owning his market and playing guitar.
    • Carlos Casagrande: he's maria's older brother.  he is also a teacher. he is 47 years old. he is carlota,c.j,carl and carlitos's father.
    • Frida Casagrande: she's carlos's wife. she loves making photos.
    • Carlota Casagrande: she's carlos and…

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  • 8AnimeChampMaster

    With season 4 of the loud house coming around the corner with six episodes featuring The CasasGrandes, here are my top 10 predictions for episodes featuring Ronnie Anne, Bobby and the rest of the family.

    10. An episode where Ronnie Anne and Bobby discovered that their mom is dating and couldn't believe who he is.

    9. A flashback story of how Rosa and Hector met.

    8. Carl meet with a new girl who develop feelings for him, despite that he feelings for Lori.

    7. Lalo and Sergio travel the city alone when they are locked out by accident.

    6. Bobby encountered three new friends who, seems cool at first but they are bad dude.

    5. Carlitos began to say his first word.

    4. One of Frida's painting has been ruined, So Ronnie Anne and CJ try to investigate who r…

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  • L Fray the lovely fanlady

    Hey everybody I just wanted to make a wishlist of what I want to see in Los Casagrandes!

    Here is what I want to see in Los Casagrandes:

    Bobby and Ronnie Anne bond

    More of Carlota's sisterly love towards Ronnie Anne

    Bobby and the Casagrandes to get more character development

    More drama out of the main characters

    Development out of Ronnie Anne and Lincoln's relationship

    Hector to sing more songs

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  • MaverickGuy720

    What do you think? Will it go as far like the Loud House? or Fail? Leave your comment down below.

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  • Matthew93256

    Since the show is official, what are your expectations for the show?

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  • MaverickGuy720

    Who would you love to see from the Loud House to the Los Casagrandes? Comment down below.

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  • Tctrain2

    Here are the Season 1 episodes for my Casagrande version of The Loud House also known as The Casagrande House. Left in the Dark/Get the MessageHeavy Meddle/Making the CaseDriving Miss Hazy/No Guts, No HectorThe Sweet Spot/A Tale of Two TablesProject Casagrande House/In Tents DebateSound of Silence/Space InvaderPicture Perfect/Undie PressureRonnie or Swim/Changing the BabyOvernight Success/Ties That BindHand Me Downer/Sleuth or ConsequencesButterfly Effect/The Green HouseAlong Came a Cousin/Chore and PeaceFor Mexcians About to Rock/It's a Casagrande, Casagrande, Casagrande, Casagrande HouseToads and Tiaras/Two Girls and a BabyCover Casagrandes/Save the DateAttention Deficit/Out on a LimoHouse Music/A Novel IdeaApril Fools Rules/Cereal Offen…

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  • Jokeman20

    Casagrande information

    August 15, 2018 by Jokeman20

    This is Jokeman here. Sooner or later the Casagrande Family will appear again in their own show. What do you like about them and their personalities?

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  • Dragonzako

    My least favorite Casagrande would be Carlinos since he’s just a younger Clyde with the same annoying joke of having a crush on Lori and being a jerk to Bobby. Basically he’s mini Clyde.

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  • Harburton81

    Hey, guys. HB81 here with a blog post. Los Casagrandes is coming up in the near future, and I wanna know who's your favorite Casagrande?

    Mine fav. is Hector.

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  • MaverickGuy720

    What are your thoughts on this new spinoff? Is it gonna last as long as the Loud house or will it not? Leave your thoughts down below.

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